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December 21, 2006


Like I said before, my English is not good..but not bad... but I can tell ya.... I forgot all bout nouns, adjective,adverbs, all the tenses... and it is bad.. I've read one blog owns by a lecturer asking his student how long has she been studying english...answers : from primary school till end of secondary = 11 years and then the Lecturer said something like u should've no problem with english then - and I'd like "Ouch!"...but then again.. i do refer to books or dictionarys on things that i don't know - I mean of the english language - and ..uh...oh... I just Ayska is going to real school next year - either she is going to 'teach' me english or she is goin to ask me a lot of 'question' on english language..and that of course include all the adverb, nouns et cetera et cetera..and i will b in trouble answering...oops... even d word MUNDANE - i initially didnt know what it means... ;-P

Lets see... err I have Webster dictionary, Collins pocket size dictionary, Thesaurus, Oxford Dictionary... and err... thats it.. Well... I know its more 'dramatic' to look at the real dict book...but i guess since im often wiith the pc...y dont i just look up in the net..and i found this..the multi-lingual dictionary. ..well this is a dictionary..only not so much of the technical part of english language but the interesting thing about it is it also translate the word your looking for to other languages like spanish, german, dutch, italian and french ..and also...

1. Words matching the typed in phrase/letters. Type in "cat" and only exact matches result.
2. Words starting with a phrase/letters. Type in "cat" and cat, category, etc. are returned.
3. Words that contain the entered phrase/letters. Type in "zz" and blizzard and jazz result.
4. Words that end with the entered letters. Type in "zz" get buzz, jazz, but not blizzard.

..and oh wow..this is cool... now i can write poetry..heheheee.. i can easily look up for words that rhymes.. hmm interesting

It also link to creative writings, all other type of dictionaries - medical dictionary, law, humor, crossweord puzzles and many more.. up to us to explore..


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Blogger *lynne* (azlynne1972) said...

nice tip! thanx for the link! and now watch out for some bad poetry/poems on my site - if that happens it's allll your fault, heehehe!

Sun Dec 24, 06:48:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

,,aaa... now waiting for your poetry 'era' in your blog hehe... if its bad..don blame me laa... blame the rain ke, the sun ke, the snow ke..or the keyboard..
HOHOHO...Merry Christmas Azlynne ;-)

Sun Dec 24, 10:37:00 am GMT+8  

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