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December 15, 2006


I've been 'away' for a while..

days ago.. i was still meddling with my blog...and still do...slowly but surely getting somewhere..;-)
so while i am blogrolling today.. i see a few blogs posting about 'cats-the-pet' photo.. and i'd like ..hey did i miss somethin' this week cats week ka?... do we even have a cat day..sat ( ber bur twing twang..drrjrr..)[ browsing the net] ..hmm..theres no cats day..baru nak propose to be on August 15th..ylah.. dono...but can read about it here and here

I like cats - I had one when i was a teenager..2 sisters kittih and kittam ( my father called them that..coz one has white legs like wearing a sock ( kaki putih =white leg) and the other don't(kaki hitam = black leg) but i rasa nama tu tak glamour - so i called them kitty n kitom ;=}. - kitty died early -after maybe she is 1 year old - i actually forgot y - but kitom managed to live till she is 10.. she was playing with the house lizard -ate it..and the doctor said tht the lizard tht she ate damaged her kidney.. ... sad.... she stops eating and just lay at the outside part of our house for one week n die...( I wonder y she go and eat those lizards..she had more than enuf food a day... and maybe she ate the 9th lizards - like what they say cats have 9 lives ) after that no cats for me..tried to..with some stray cats.. but it wont work...can't 'afford' to have them yet...

and here is the Cat of the day web and keetom..

found this in - hee hee cute

Funny Pictures
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found this too..Title : CANT TELL THE DIFFERENT..

Funny Pictures
For more funny pictures, visit!

..hehe... Im soooo out of topic...



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