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December 28, 2006

what does my birthdate means for my love life and if i were born in 2893

For this few days to come till the year 2007, the local bloggers will ( besides telling their normal daily activities) generally write about:

1. The Major Mega Flood that hit badly in Johor - am deeply saddened by theis unexpected event generally because I was there for 3 years ( in Segamat ), espescially for some friends who are affected - it is a tragedy. I pray for their safety and well being

2. The disasters/tragedy as a result from Tsunami - in 2004 it shooked the earth and officially around 200 000 were dead and millions are affected - later a few earthquakes were felt almost every two or three months around this region and it didnt show any signs to stop and the worse news was 2 days ago when the scientist says that some part of Sumatera will be gone due to tsunami/earthquakes in 30 years time - Sumatera is sort off Malaysian 'barrier' of the open sea and if they're gone..... ?? I cant imagine...

3. The disruption of our internet lines due to Taiwan Mega Earthquake - and at the 2nd annivessary of Tsunami - 7.1 s.r. in Taiwan which affected this region - business... oh my...what else!

4. The Year that was = 2006 - in only within 365 days -a lot of things happen, for me - our life, we have just 'start-to-walk'..and almost 'running' towards ordinary and well-plan life.

5. The New year resolutions - none - still focussing on target made last year..

6. The high price of petrol and toll that affected other needs - I can voice out but it wont bring the price down.. is out of my control.. to solve - own spending budget and more savings..

.. I wanted to write more about all of the above... but I guess everybody has pointed out their thoughts and i basically just wait and prepare for the new year and take it as it comes, positively .. and i decided to paste this 'blogthings' ..

..and WHAT AN EXACT COINCIDENCE!! oh wow..better than feng shui hehe

Your Birthdate: November 26

You love being in love... so much so that it's very hard for you to be single.
Unfortunately, it's difficult for you to stay in love over time. Too many people intrigue you!
Only your true love will be able to keep you interested over time.

Number of True Loves You'll Have: 2

Number of Times You'll Have Your Heart Broken: 4

You are most compatibl
e with people born on the 8th, 17th, and 26th of the month.

.and this..better then feng shui???!!!.hehe...

If You Were Born in 2893...

Your Name Would Be: Reunn Noos

And You Would Be: Half Alien

..oooooh.. dono whether to feel afraid or looking forward to it..eheheh

..and last night I watched The Charmed on ntv7 and the Halliwell decided to change themselves physically to lead a normal life without fighting with anymore demons..uh oh.. what a surprise... will miss the original Pheobe, Piper and Page.. they even change Leo..but wait

( now checking their websites )...after reading the episode guide here...yeahhhhh righttt!... they just added extra cast.. more sexy cast... oops..sorryyyy


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