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December 12, 2006

Cards that Greet on behalf

How many of us are still sending actual greeting cards - well - there still is - but less than before... and 'before' was during my time - when wordstar is the only 'words' use in a computer with flimzy-square-floppy-disks ( I found it in my 'teenage-bedroom' when my parents asked me to 'organize' everything before they move out ) - I think I threw it away - damn!.. can become a greeting card.. [ I ni selalu( Im always ) out of topic hehe]

One of my favourite past time is creating a greeting card... buy nice coloured papers - draw and write in my own free hand . And then when the computer era are able to print decorative cards, I couldnt remember the system err...aaaa... PRINTSHOP! - after printing it, fold the A4 coloured papertwice so that it can become a small nice card - I was excited about it - even made it to raya/festive greeting cards and I printed loads of them..

And then when time goes by ... when commitments enhanced, I became lazy ... so spent some money to send raya/greeting cards to my clients,family and friends - and when more commitments - became 'lazier' - then... Tadaaaaa.... ECARDS.. ahah!...easy...can choose pictures that i like..can also put my photo if I like.. can choose sounds, animations, wishes...lots more.. and i am excited all over again bout greeting cards...

but of course - it is less dramatic then the time was - although theres still people sending real cards - and i obviously notice that the cards fate after receiving ( I dont know about you ) will be 'posted' into a drawer somewhere - at least I kept my other half 'lovey-dovey-once-upon-a-time-card' but my other half don't - he make me keep for him.. the cards that I gave to him .. oh well...sigh..

AND ... now I've found the MOST comprehensive Ecard web that suits me ( from what I've mentioned above ). You can create your own greeting/invitation cards, put photo, print it if you like ( good for kids - creative lesson ), make it talks or have melody of your choice. You can even organize your invitations and yourself as they provide free e-calender - hehe cute - siap ada the small piece of yellow paper that we use to paste it everywhere - now it is paste on your desktop. The most interesting for me is that you can print your own festive-money-envelope your own design ! KEwl..and they even have some info on the history of birthday greetings and the name of the two people who composed the birthdays songs...check it out!

Although here, wedding cards is still widely use - but ecards might change it - save cost..hmmm.. what do you think...



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