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December 10, 2006


exceprts from
bin·oc·u·lar [buh-nok-yuh-ler, bahy}
1.Usually, binoculars. Also called pair of binoculars, prism binoculars. an optical device, providing good depth effect, for use with both eyes, consisting of two small telescopes fitted together side by side, each telescope having two prisms between the eyepiece and objective for erecting the image.
2.involving both eyes: binocular vision.
[Origin: 1705–15; bin- + ocular]
bin·oc·u·lar·i·ty, noun
bin·oc·u·lar·ly, adverb

Binoculars are something very interesting - my father used to have the soldier-type of binoculars, green in colour, very heavy - used during his time - when he was in the army ( now I think he gave to someone or he threw it away - not sure ) as it was broken or something - and recently he bought a new modern one for about rm300 - I think its expensive - well not that I know the price range... but he has this enthusiasm of having it for fun, just because his new place is facing hills.

Well... it is actually fun..when you can look at something/someone far away without the thing or the people knew it but for me i'd rather have that big camera , can adjust here and there and take pictures... However, I heard there is binoculars that can actually take pictures - that one must cost a lot.. ( maybe the james bond type ).. and the type that can be use during the dark..what do you call it...err... cats eye.. and the technical word is ...aiyah forgot..

For animal/bird watchers or star watcher - it is very useful for them - Its their favourite toy..and some people may use if for an 'undesignated' reason - and that somethin else - thats moral issue, here we call it "skodeng' i dont know the history of the word and dont know whether it is even a malay word - the word sounds 'unhealthy'..hehe

Now I think he rarely use it ( told you its for fun ) - and I felt like 'stealing' it from him - but no way he is going to give it to me - my kids will very likely to destroy it..
One day when I have extra money... I would want one as my favourite toy ( may be my father's interest got into me ) for a lot of other reasons than that 'unhealthy' word ...but... you never know... u might accidentally 'caught the act'... :-P

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We used to have one too, my family. Ntah mana peginya,I dunno. Then last year my hubby bought 2 small binoculars at a flea market on our visit to london. Konon we can use them when we go traveling places. Sampai sekarang terperuk atas lemari heheh!! Me, on the other hand, bought coasters and placemats...which we use regularly. As usual, the female half wins in making a good investment

Tue Dec 12, 02:04:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

...i wonder why women have become more and more wiser nowadays ...
Why dont u surprise him by taking the binoculars out from the 'cave' and hang it somewhere in the house as decorations heheee...

Tue Dec 12, 07:45:00 pm GMT+8  

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