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October 03, 2006


This is not an AD nor i own any shares with this company nor a promotion - just sharing my thoughts...

Last week I went alone to the newly open TESCO between Pandan's area and Ampang, by the KESAS highway - The first time I went there like 1 month ago with my parents, I didnt do much of the shopping - my parents did, so i was just observing the place and didnt concentrate on the price they're offering, though my parents commented it is quite cheap and my kids love the 'playground' which cost rm1 for unlimited time and end up very difficult for us to make them to get out from there when its time to go...and so back to my last week,,, I decided to shop for some groceries there instead of my normal GIANT and sundry shops near my place - So i bought 5 items of vegetables, 1 whole chicken, some canfoods, onions and stuff and 3 items of TESCO brand like the flour.salt and tissue box. (4 plastic bags) and to my amazement it cost me only rm20! I was so happy and they also gave me a free bonuslink card ( good marketing strategy! ) aar this place - it's just that it is a bit further than my place... very likely I wont forget GIANT as it is nearer - but i will go back to TESCO to buy groceries...Came back home happily - start to look at my groceries price notebook and I calculated and compare prices and I save rm7 - well not much tho but if I buy a lot more than it could be a huge different. Admitedly some things are slightly higher price like the baby's milk, rice etc - only the 'barang dapur' is so much cheaper.

Later today going to look for a reasonable price for ayska's baju kurung raya - thinking of going to jln masjid india tapi i just hate! the havoc situation there espescially when everybody busy nak shopping raya- maybe i end up at jaya jusco..seelah how..



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