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October 06, 2006

Not so festive mood

..and so we went to Jaya Jusco...straight went to the kids dept and right away saw the kids baju kurung - excellent cotton , colours that she likes, the right size ( shes's almost 6 but her size is for 4 year olds ) for RM29.90 ( again must emphasize this is not an ad etc etc ) - the best of all - not many people - no havocs like what i expect to happen if we were to go to Jln Masjid India - of courselah more choices there - but i hate the crowds. We have not really shop for raya for some years due to you-know-what the unlucky episode of my life.,, now about to breath..Then we buy a couple of clothes for the small ones - wanted to buy their shoes but we are already tired and didnt get the right shoe and the right budget for them - so decided to postpone till next week... I think shoes are best at Sg. Wang Plaza.
Then we went to breakfast at the food court - again excellent choice of food - my nasi goreng singapore with fish and chips + red beans - sedap - and the kids enjoy their sausages + eggs + red beans + chips - sedap also. Other half prefer mamak food tho..
..and went to the groceries store - again excellent ! - hardly 30 people in there - cepat2 and balik..

This year raya is going to be different for us - my parents are going for a holiday treat to Cherating - my in-laws - i actually dont know what are their plans - as their sons all are working during or 2nd day raya - my other half is also working on the second day raya so very obviously we dont go back there -- so I guess my first raya either we stay home or we go to Sunway Lagoon ( which I think will be havocs too ) - but must think of the kids -instead of going to people house, the weekend baru p visit-visit kot...

Raya was the best went my Opah was still around - where her house is the station to every one of her children and co.. she has 44 grandchildren and 20 over greatgrandchildren - didnt include her siblings grandchildrens - whom we're all very close with . Most of us stay in KL - but we don't of course meet often - so the only meeting point is at the stationlah - She passed away 7 years ago - and since then very seldom we go back there - and very rare we meet our sedara mara unless theres weddings...

Nowadays raya 'dalam rumah batu'- my kids wont be able to experience it anymore...



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