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October 08, 2006


I am thinking to cut my hair super short - tired of my dry and brittle hair with dandruff prone and hair fall - yeah you're right m having a major hair problem - my hair starts to fall since i had my third baby - m not bald yet - i think it will SOON - so hurriedly go and buy the expensive shampoo ( which i dont prioritized it before and don't have the budget for it ) - and hope it works - so i look up the net on hairstyles and i found it HEREColouring my hair - urmmm nawww..for now - black is beautiful - always have the urge to colour but m afraid i'll look like someone from the jungle and with my jawa face ..ahaks...
My choice of style groovy or plain..hmmm... hope my hairstylist ...cewah hairstylist .. - the saloon lah..can manage to do the style that I choose - the auntie that me and my mom will always go to since 1982..hmmm that long...the auntie who's the owner now was only the worker to this Sally Saloon owned by Sally - then after some years she sold it to that auntie - which i have never get to ask her name...
but the saloon's name remain the same.
.. with her face suits whatever hairstyle lah kan..hehe



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