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August 30, 2008

blabber blabber has been a while..

..O dear God..i have sooo many thing to write..but i dono..where to start..

..must start..


..brrr... WMP...for inspiration

.............. rewinding...

..just got back from a makan makan at my good friend's new and fantastic mansion..wondering if i will ever own one :-P..hadda good time with a few close friends, but on the way to her place..which is actually 15 minutes away from my took me 1 hour..jam jam jam..what course the jam? An army truck rosak tepi jalan ..boleh?..and then at the exit from the highway to jalan ampang..everybody is 'morally' cutting queues near the traffic lights..boleh? me in a really bad mood..what else...i was carrying my youngest she was i wanted to cross the road opposite the mansion..i slipped by the road side..and hurt my left knee...badly..managed to held my baby very tightly though... dhang! it has been a while i have not had any blood flowing out from mua skin and scratches .. not just red..can even see white white thingy it plastered..3 pieces..sakit siot!..especially after i put some med on it at home, before plastering it back..felt like my eyes and head coming off from my i wish that time i could pickup the phone and scream to someone..cant scream infront my kids..dowanna scare them ;-P.. so hafta put on a cool i always do lah..

...for many days now..hafta do a lot of things on my other-half work commitments are pretty tight now, outstations....kinda bored..Thank goodness i have friends to hang out with, do some business dealings, and booooooks to read..also got a new toy..nokia3210..simple and not so expensive phone. Before, i couldnt be bothered to have the latest tech phone thingy, as long as it could be use to make calls..but my previous phone kept giving me i guess its time to change *grin* now i have learnt about bluetooth la, the 3rd generation lah..and i realized i am so behind with when i am bored, i play with the stuffs and the best part is, it has Sudoku in it..cooool ;-P thanks love*winks*

..and for many days now..i hafta make a few personal and business decision..on my was a bit blur and confuse..that explains a little of my little MIA in blogsphere..sorry if i have not visited your blog guys..coming! coming! slowly but surely...

..after a few sessions of 'bertapa' hehehhee... i managed to clear my mind..and sort things out..really..patience and rationale ..pays... A LOT. I have learnt form the best! I have managed to forgive myself and anyone whom i need to forgive..and hope people will forgive me in whatever my wrongdoings. entry is not here yet..just blabbering..will soon make reviews on the books..

i aint care bout politics no more, tired and sick about it..although kinda worried


...careless whisper....
damn! this mushy song! ..WMP...stop that song... change to..When Im Gone - Simple Plan

Yeah better song!

over and out



Blogger Angel said...

oitt oittt,lots of stuff going on i see, hope things are ok, and that you are able to make the best decision (and errr you know what? sometimes, you need to make a bad one then get to decide on a good one ya know!) muarrghaahahahahah!!!


Sun Aug 31, 12:40:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger Neeza Shahril said...

ouch!! I can feel the pain by looking at the plaster...
I hope the knee will be better soon.. sakitnya..
camne nak bawak kete tu? boleh bend ke?
kalau you drive auto car, takpe jugak.. kalau manual.. adusss.. take care ye dear :)

Sun Aug 31, 12:33:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger lily.lulu said...

akak .. selamat berpuasa !

Wed Sep 03, 01:32:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

smurfet angel: yeah, thatserite, i did make one bad decision in order to get the good hehheee..everything turns out well ;-)

neez: memang adus...shakit..luka kat lutut mmg lambat baik..masih terhencot hencot lagi jalan..and kete i mmg far my other half is helping to drive me around..takap kira byr kifarah lah ni hehhehe

lily : ye darling selamat ramadan almubarak 2u2! hugxxx

Wed Sep 03, 01:38:00 am GMT+8  

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