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July 31, 2008

writing about love out of nothing at all..

She already has a boyfriend of 8 years. And why are they not married yet is because (according to the boyfriend) until he has enough money and he is waiting for the right time so that they can have the most memorable and perfect wedding ceremony

While in that process, workloads and responsibilities increased. The boyfriend has to go outstations most time, she is kinda busy too. As a result of that, they spent less and less time together. People around them started asking. Tension rose. Some very ‘considerate‘ friends starts to create stories of what her boyfriend might be doing while he is away. She got worried and suspicious. She confronted him, which end up with a mega feud.

She suggested that both of them have an open relationship. She stated if they’re meant to be together they will be together. The boyfriend sort of agree. Before making that decision, in a confused and upset mood, she found someone interesting. They became ‘passionate’ good friends. She begins to compare.

In every aspect her boyfriend has the best quality, the only things he don’t have is time, the new guy have all the time for her. She fell for the guy, no matter how odd his attitude is.. The new guy, explained that their relationship will go nowhere due to some circumstances he has to deal with. She insisted to give it a try. The new guy stand firm with his word. She has to do a lot of thinking and make a fast decision before her heart goes crash boom bang, and that will lead to lotsa time and money wasted..

Should she just wait for her boyfriend and rot while waiting? Should she just maintain the ‘friendship’ with that new guy without being ‘discovered’, although it is going nowhere? What would she do and say if the boyfriend finds out? What happened after she makes the decision to stay with the boyfriend and after that she then finds out he has another girl?

Hahahahhahh…sorry for the mushy entry again, M in a middle to ‘ambik mood’ . Was asked to try to write a malay novel. Genre – L O V E. I asked, “Aiyaa..why love laaa?” Friend said “ Sellable, if not..than Ghost stories”.. Dhang!

Now m actually trying to put an effort to it. First step, I bought a malay novel. 4 days ago..baru four pages baca heheeheeee.

And as for the story above….CRAP!...What the ffffefffkkk!!! Why must women always be the victim of men so called circumstances! ( errr..generally ) hey! even the girl in batman has to…ooops…for those who has watch…you know what..because of men..tragic!.

I guess my answer for my own question for this crappy story I just created is – aiyaaa leave the new guylaaa…stick with the boyfriend and if the boyfriend ‘f**k big time! Leave him also laaa…Get other man to rock your world, if she can live without men, easier..But I know I cant heheheheee. You got any other answer?

Imagine – I crumple a piece of paper and threw it on the floor and start to write again – like a professional writer in the film hahhahahhahah

Whyyy soooo sssssseriousss…
Adoiii..why very warm la nowadays. ,,still smiling tho..;-P eh I need to joker laugh ring tone laaa..where to get?..

And oh by the way, my recent trip, thank you friend…..appreciate it..and m really sorry…



Anonymous Anonymous said...

errr this aaaaa, your story aaaa, sound very familiar u knowwwwwww bz bz, no time no time one, then found someone else, then stuck again, then dunno what to do, then aaaa then, the heart goes both ways, haiyaaaaaa, dejavuuuuuuu!

xo ;)

Thu Jul 31, 09:39:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

tulah aaa..then get heart ache laaa, stomach ache laa,,head ache laa, hands legs neck all ache because the heart want both hehehe...but dont you think its fun playing with emotions! heheehee..looking back..or is it..present situation hehehhe..i told you we are actually 'connected'..;-P

Thu Jul 31, 10:02:00 pm GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have to agree, it makes my brain work overtime, i experience emotional turmoil i have never imagine i'd have, and makes me tough mentally!!! the list is longer, but i kinda feel like im exposing my self nowwwww....duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......

smurfette calling neo, smurfette calling neo, can ya hear mua??? hehehehehe

Thu Jul 31, 10:17:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

okayyy.. i think m able to 'read-between-the-lines' hehehe mua can hear me lah , mua ym online ;-P

Thu Jul 31, 10:29:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger waliz said...

what a story...if i was here..i wont wait until 8 years!!!! wasting my life like hell...i think that guy was afraid of commitment! yeah thats the word..COMMITMENT!!

Fri Aug 01, 09:30:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

yeah a lot of wastin'..i guess this is a story of a girl that has no luck with men and has yet to find her true love...heehe

Fri Aug 01, 11:12:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger Faisal Admar said...

actually its not victim of circumstances lah. its more about man is independent and woman mostly dependent.

so man needs to be mentally and physically ready to attach himself with this heavy commitment.

i had a relationship with a girl for 12 years and end up she engaged with other boy. pathetic don;t you think? but if that's the best for her... i accept the fate.

Sun Aug 03, 05:34:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger cat bat said...

mr faisal admar, clearly, u speak out of spite. i have had too many relationships with MEN WHO WERE DEPENDENT on me, monetary and emotionally. i also see vice versa.

how do you explain a case where the boy left the girl for another girl ? it's just the opposite gender of your story.

in getting ready towards commitment, both men and women equally need to go thru the process, mentally and physically. neither one wants to be labeled and generalized. what makes you think only men have that responsibility more than women ?

you'll need to acknowledge the equality to face life. circumstances to yourself as a person, a man or woman as an individual, and men and women in general need to be considered.

you are still young and i guess you need to go thru more heartbreaks and happiness to speak like a gentleman.

i hope the best for your future love life and i pray for the lucky girl to accept your level of "high commitment".

cheers ;-)

Mon Aug 04, 04:53:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger mad redo1 said...

la vie n'est pas pleine de la merde
mais la progression sur un peut faire votre jour va merde

ntah apa-apa je... hehehe...

Tue Aug 05, 10:17:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

f.a: oh well dear...things happen differnetly for certain people...i was implying the general effect that women usually is the victim, some men has bad luck in this case also, its the process..all the best

catbat: Agreed..c'est la vie! ;-)

Mr1: Merci beaucoup, salut! eh where u get that from laaa..i know french oso laa kene check dictionary ;-P All the best 2u2 ;-)

Tue Aug 05, 02:17:00 pm GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmm... still in mushy mood i think so... :) winkwink

commitment... a big word with a big responsibility... :)

back then... all I want to do was get a job, a man and get married... then my story will goes like... they live happily ever after...

but while achieving it... I start to realize... life will not always about money, love... and there's something else to discover... :) I still enjoying company and having a partner... but, for commitment... :( I'm too afraid kot...

Hopefully I will change my perception over commitment by time goes by...

Have a nice day!!

Tue Aug 05, 03:33:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger rainmaker said...

whoa...i like reading ur lv-fiction.

ya ur right, leave the new guy & the bf is so full of crap, she should have left him years ago..

Tue Aug 05, 06:34:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

LnH: hehe i guess i hafta change my entry genre..too mushy to me too ;-P. Well yeah, sometimes we wonder whether is the journey or the destination..and 4me definitely money is not everything..for me love comes first..and that includes loving oneself and the Almighty...Commitment comes automatically when we're ready for it..;-)

Rain: u do? hmmmm ;-? shes the victim of false hope i suppose..some women are lucky some are the process..

Wed Aug 06, 12:54:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger muadzlife said...


Thu Aug 07, 04:13:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

aku berjiwa seni, amat sensitif dan emotional...EH! TIBA TIBA! hehehhehee eh salah eja..emosional

Thu Aug 07, 07:36:00 pm GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

isk, can i just say something? its about time men takes the 'victim' bit nowadaysss...women are more independent now, so men, need to toughen up and grow up ( science proved that men matured SLOWLY eh), and be more than women in every way......

u know like, if u wanna report to someone - the boss, he or she better be good than you, ( at least to me, thats how i see it), so called the head of the family - so 'the man' better be good..........

hehehehe sowwyyy... im in a unstable mental ability condition right now.....haiyaaaa see ya!


Thu Aug 07, 11:07:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

did science proves that..oh wow! bukak back my biology book then or is it physic..cld be chemistry..owh never science papers were bad..i guess i use my instinct ;-P

Fri Aug 08, 12:17:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger bluecrystaldude said...

Oh God. I should leave to you to write my script for my presentation. LOL. I just managed to read this post (I saved it for the last one after all my 33 my blogs must visit) You should be proud. Haha

Your choice of words always wonder me. I am guess that is one of the few things that I could not be learned through formal educations. You should be matured and experienced enough to write something like that. huhu

I think women are more less dependent than men nowadays. After all the responsibilities and the tiredness at work, I am sure men need to let the women to take some of his responsibilities from his shoulder. Well, I am not sure of other men species, but at least, I am not afraid to say that I am. Haha. I don't think that would lessen my manhood level, isn't it?

P/S: Glad to save this post for the last :D

Sat Aug 09, 11:50:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

script? presentation?..sometimes i do write scripts heheee..

oh dear God...thanks bro! ill take it as a compliment. Experience? yes..thru observation..MAtured? Nahhh ..i am still 16 for the 20th time hehhee

Nope, no level lessen anywhere..marriage is also about sharing...both contributes in whatever form..

merci beaucoup!!!!..*shy grin*

Sun Aug 10, 01:10:00 am GMT+8  

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