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September 04, 2007

diary bulan august part two n bulan september sikit

picts from the star


p/s: Nin..she did not just literally gave me the carlah...i hafta continue pay the monthly i have to rearrange my budget... hehee..still waiting for the day that i'd b lucky n someone just give me a beemer heeheee..Aminnnn

ok..on the 25th August - nothing significant..cooked lunch..invited my cousin.. then dinner at chestnut ampang cuz 'favourite' restaurant

then... errr... 29th August - hafta attend a half day course on fire insurance. That expected jammm ( due to road closure )..but managed to zip zap zip zap..n got to Concorde hotel on time - the course was a bit delaylah kan..bcoz suddenly TNB has somesort of problem.. but KL not la so jam..ok je..flow je...

30th August - my fren Judith from Sabah gempak sekejap, as she is supposed to go back to KK today but suddenly her crazy boss say cannot go back - she was here since last week due to exhibition that she has to jaga at KLCC. but she has checkedout..and she has arrived KLCC..and she left her bags in Parkroyal - after her boss call..she called more rooms...She panicked..she called me. I immediately booked a room in flamingo ampang and a cab. ( she also panicked bcoz she heard rumours that the cabs tengah mogok ).. so now..she is in klcc then she probably has to walk to parkroyal due to cab mogok rumour and road cetera i said..i wont b able to even get into the city..take train..bla bla..she is worried...After a few hours..after all the panicking..n me also very worried..she decided to ignore her boss, get her stuff..and woooshh...get to KL Sentral...and weeeeee..back to KK...haiyaaaaa
So that nite..wait for my other half to come back ..went for dinner...then planned to view fireworks for the very first time we drove up to AKLEH...wahhhhh...everybody parked there not just double park..triple.... waiting for the waitlah...wait...wait...wait...strike midnite ( nobody actually scream merdeka there ) ..can see small sparks from ikano very rich guy has his own fireworks near ukay perdana..small sparks...then from genting highland..then nothing...only the KL tower lasers n light show..haiyaaa again. home...feeling..haiyaaa...on the tv...walahhhhh..the dataran merdeka baru pasang fireworks at nearly 1 am ..laaaaaaaaaaaaa.. oh well.. at least the AKLEH
ppl gave us some merdeka fridge magnets n car stickers ( which is now 'placed' among my kids toys ) that cost us around rm8 plus tolls n fuel to n fro.

31st August - woke up quite early as one of our stmarians Rick took part for the marching thingy at Dataran...haiyaaaa..cannot see her also...penat je bangun pagi least the kids enjoyed the three sukhois flying above us.Then petang i decided to go to Ampang point for a very very very late lunch with kids n cuz...bought some clothes for da kids at feeling veryy very satisfied - cheap , good material... very happy ( for them to wear for my niece wedding) . Then after that we dont want to go back, my cuz dont want to go she drove and drove to nowhere heheeee...well then we 'kona' p near the ferris wheel near titiwangsa..a bit jam..but we saw like more then 10 bus way we want to lineuplah kan...then move on - still dono where to go ...whooosh sampai dataran merdeka..kih kih...that was my very very very first time there during merdeka day...nothing happen there..people there all are enjoying the lights and the setup of the occasion that morning..n we didnt bring camera..then still dono where to go..we ended up at craven ampang jaya........

1st september - in the evening, my niece wedding at holiday villa subang jaya.. a great simple wedding and a great sedara mara gathering..and oh goodness i have so many nieces and nephews yang i dont actually recognize. My mother's side, she has 9 siblings, and i have 44 cousins..and now only a few of my cousins not my nieces and nephews are getting married already..wait wait..let me count..errrr.....5 times 5...errr..then 3 times 4..errr....jap cari paper kira...

sheesshhh.. i have approx ...70 of them...adoiiii kejap kira lagi..betul ke ni??? ramaiiiii..huish! above pict are my 'unknown' anak sedaras

2nd september - last minute decided to actually go to the fireworks competition in Putrajaya... at first we thot..dont wantlah..jamlah..Then my cuz said...JOM aaaaaa!!! oklah.. redah je lah the jam pon..only a bit on mrr2 ( car accident) and at the bangi toll...then we bought as much snacks n drinks at Petronas...hungry ..didnt had dinner..sanggupppp sebab nak tgk fireworks ( aiyaaa..since when pulak i become fireworks freak - well actually i wanted to entertain the kids ;-P ) Near the PICC we managed to park on the ram of a bridge..and managed to get a very good view of it... only that my camera is so "excellente" that i couldn catch the excellent performance clearly... then went home - very tired but satisfied - the kids were very happy.

3rd September - yesterday - Registered Financial Planner course..uwaggghhhh..very sleepyyy sing " September Pagi" by Shiela n Afdlin



Blogger mad redo1 said...

woooo... very hectic also aaa? the amount of curse on the state govt at midnight of 31-08-2007 could fill a whole thrash bin, the firework display was only visible for those directly under it and it lasted less than 5 minutes... damn you! kedekut! for God's sake, it was the 50th Merdeka Day...

alamak, guna ruang ni le plak nak membebel... sowwi tuan rumah... hehehe...

Wed Sep 05, 11:37:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger *lynne* said...

wait wait wait... FORTY-FOUR COUSINS!!??? Oh my, I only have 15 (5 in switzerland, 10 in m'sia) and I already can't keep track of the few who *have* gotten married and already have (too many!) kids... how on earth can you keep track of 44???? get someone to draw up a family tree, urgently!!

(p/s - the word verification macam "bbq" aje ... "baabaqw"

Sat Sep 08, 05:46:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

mr1 - kannn kedekut kannn... takper takper..can membebel one herrree hehee

Lynne - ok ok exagerate... 43! hehe..out of 43..2 has past away. 2 dono where - follow one of the uncle's first wife. 43 of my mother's 9 siblings. One of us has done the family tree. Sikit je tu..i know people has more than that. My fathers side (lina's side) only 3 siblings - 9 0f us cousins.

Sat Sep 08, 10:12:00 pm GMT+8  

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