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September 01, 2007

diary bulan august

Oh darn!!!... it has been two weeks...sorry mundane....

ok ok...what to story..what have i done... I remembered..errr

- on 15th of August - had dinner with Paul n Michelle in that crowded nasi lemak place in Wangsa Maju... forgot the name..BRZ or BZR apa ntah where all the ITAR and UTAR student lepaks... Michelle just told me that ITAR and UTAR is two different thing - management thingy and she is the Students rep from UTAR. This BRZ whatever place is Paul's favourite nasi lemak.While Iwas waiting for them had to gatal tangan and buy some dvds..watched Evan Al Mighty that very night ( oklah.. not that funny - Bruce was better ) ..After BRZ lepak with Paul some more at Al Kaafah with Paul some more - catching up the 'status' we are in at present.

- on 16th of August...met some meet Paul...very interesting little hangout although i have to bring my three little employers..and was busy yelling at them and running after them rather than chit chatting with my frens.. Rima! wheres the picts???!! hehe

- on 19th of August went out lunch with my cuz n she officially gave me her car as she bought a new kia optima..whooohooo wheeehoooo thanks beb.

- on 20th of August - freedom day - went to the office - do my work then picked Paul up at KLCC ..go alll the way to Subang Parade to meet Rick ..and somehow my other cuz Putri Sharini can make it to meet us there (at coffee bean) also..had fun chit chatting till 6.30pm then we dont want to get home just call up anotha Stmarian fren that Paul hasnt yet met but must meet - Ojai Devis Bangsar ... Ojai - the ever fanatic fan of Mawi ( i still cant understand her Mawi thingy) .. anyway..had fun with Ojai..she very the kelakar..we cant stop laughing having her around..we then adjourned to coffee bean ( Paul's ever favourite place - so no choice - must lepak at cb hehe ) ...Sent Paul back - feeling satisfied somehow or rather we managed to squeeze time to meet some of the gang...although i missed one Prison break episodes hehee

onwards - i have the car..the computer mogok pulak until Saturday the 25th pigi jalan jalan lah..ronda ronda with my kids either to work or to shops or to my parents place. dah jadi macam diary nih... ;-P

- on the 24th my boss invited me to join her at the booth she and friends had for our company to introduce and promote our product at a myfamily exhibition at Mid valley- as usual we have to stand and stop people to ask for 'market survey' - if we're lucky... i use to ignore people like me doing i kena la.... used to b aggresive before but now no more...i ended up chatting with my client who happens to be there as her kid was going to perform traditional dancing representing her kindergarten ,, so i wathcd the concert..all very cute miuutt..and then they had this talent time contest for kids..elder kids i nowadays laaaa...very stylo wa cakap lu..the sing and dance and wear clothes like nobody business ( sexy also) if for the ones tht is not sexy - wore traditional clothes..liplapliplap...cinderella look alike lah...animal costumelah... and the prize is actually a whopping wonderlahh some parents are all very excited..well maybe it was just not for the prize.. ;-P..dono who won... i got three names..5pm i chow..tired.. i bought a mattress with a very very reasonale price at the exhibition though - a gift for the wedding tomorow nite niece's wedding,, be continued..



Blogger N|i|N said...

Your cuz gave you a car? For free? You lucky devil you!! Heheh...

Mon Sep 03, 07:36:00 pm GMT+8  

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