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August 14, 2007

Pool w Paul n Food

Anotha pool weekend...with my cuz ..started early at 4 pm but end up at 8.30 pm..4 hours of 'pool'ing and laughing... twas a real sakit perots game due to laughter... that is..even when the ball..esp when the black ball is right at the edge of the hole its either we didnt even hit it or the white ball pot in together..this is very much due to 'sabotage-laughter-effect' frm both of us..ok..ok..tht day was your lucky day ha... cuz..since u just played the night before eheheh..but this time around was schoolmate Paul was in town frm chicago..she came a bit later with our one year senior schoolmate Sherill. Paul told me she was very rusty with da pool game....but ekkkkkk...she 'gilap' her rustiness very fast..and eeeeek... i lost to her.. again!!!!.. ( again as in da last time we played together was about 6 years ago ) Sherill was so fun to be with heheeee... y're the reason that i lost ahahahahaaaaa... Need to play anotha game before u fly off...heheee..still dono if we have time for that...


My 'wok-with-me' - fried macaroni recipes - Macaroni, shallots, garlics, sausages, Mushrooms, Tomato sauce, salt, sugar heheeee... The Annivessary night i cooked Nasi Daging..but i forgot to take the picts..sedap sangat cewahhh.. kih kih kih. Today got somemore fresh petais n veges n pearl corn, my folks went to cameron last weekend...whooohooo my fridge is packed with vegetables.

Over n out



Blogger mad redo1 said...

fried macaroni... I loike...

Fri Aug 17, 04:02:00 am GMT+8  

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