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January 15, 2007

Tadap tidaptap tap..

Our entertainment industry is, next to 'pathetic', .. in the sense of mindset of certain people who's actually even inside the industry and the people who listen and watch the productions or the critics.

I dont understand why people here like to label certain music or movies or even the type of person in an entertainment business as either urban or rural. C'mon if you are not 'berjiwa seni' (artistic mind) please stop categorizing certain patented arts creation or ideas as urban or rural. For me, music is universal, so is movies, no matter what language, what genre or whatever issues.. it is universal. I guess they judge that base on the group of people who support the artiste/production.

For instants, the rnb singer like Sheila Majid - they call her music as urban - so only urban people listen to the music - ekkk ( the sound of wrong-answer-in-quiz-tv-game-show ), I have friends in rural areas love her music. I'm a fan of her since 1984 - and for me her music is fresh and entertaining ( she is now pregnant second child with Acis - WOWWiiee Congratulations! for a 4o+ year old woman ). I used to not missed any of her album, any of her concerts and any of her public appearance - but i'm not a fanatic fans - I'm just one her fans who loves her music - And that doesnt make me not like to listen the pops, rocks, hiphop and even traditional songs ( even i grew up in urban areas ) - Labelling a rock music is a 'drugged' music and traditional music as 'kampung' ( "village 'ing") .. is not nice. I personally loves the catchy tunes in our traditional songs and 'head-banging' Rock Music,the oldies, 'archipelago"s or 'world music's like zainal abidin's and m.nasir's music is very interesting. In other words, its up to the individual choice.

As Music is universal regardless the language, so is Movies, no matter..if the msgs is well delivered to the right audiences than theres no such thing as rural or urban or intelectual or stupid movies - movies are judge on the storyline, the cast, the cinematoraphy and the script..mainly, and the movie should be just quality or not, worth watching, no such labelling as slapstick, lawak bodoh et cetera. so what..if it is slapstick? or lawak bodoh? - not everybody thinks the same. This is due to the TV3 program Sensasi that invited Afdlin Shauki and Prof Razak, trying to label their movies as kampung and urban and it is a sad issue, Prof Razak make money with his movie more than afdlin due to his 'kampung' movie and afdlin movie has more 'intelectual quality". For me, if i watch Prof movie - i expect his 'kind' of movie and so is Afdlin's, you dont go to prof movie and expect afdlin kinda work vice versa, also if u watch Yasmeen's movie, don't expect it is like Shuhaimi Baba kinda work and vice versa - who's one is greater than who - you must know what to expect from this directors, then we can open up.. and then theres issues on who's movie goin abroad - of course we should choose the balance of the 4 points and they are qualified altho they are not makin money in this country.. ish...actually theres more to argue about our movies.. for me we have to stop labelling and watch movies that u like to watch, who else to support them - accept us.. I used to not like to watch malaysian movies , but now when theres varieties - Issues! - well i guess it is good to colour up the industry.. but positive one please.. no need hollywood as example, thailand n indonesia's production has it.

..and i will not 'banned' any artiste just because she/he has any personal problems or attitude, as long as the production has quality ... the basis is the right work attitude produce a great result.. locally or abroad

and i'm now in love with Adibah Noor - big size, big heart, beautiful voice... all the best for the
AJL21 final Dib! ;-)

Me and shiela 28th Dec 1985, at my cousin's wedding in Ipoh. Shiela. latest picts




Anonymous Amy said...

Ye, ye saya setuju...
Fuh classic gambar tu..1985 eh? Saya darjah dua masa tu :P Masa darjah enam, dah pegi tengok concert dia kat Penang. She's as beautiful as ever.

Thu Jan 18, 11:05:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

ehehheh..muda lagi tu - i was err..what age yek..err ha...12 yrs old..jumping with joy when she came and sign autograph - tu yg muka ek tu

Thu Jan 18, 01:25:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger Amir EtCetera said...

There are such thing as music genres.. but 'urban' or 'kampung' are not genres.

I would say that's just a state of mind.

I would say the 'urban' state of mind those who label themselves to be 'urban' is just another 'kampung' state of mind.. only with addition of MTV or the internet.

1985 eh? That's the year I bought a cassette with my first casette with my own hard earned money..

Tak gitu cik kiah?.. (cik kiah mana la pulak...)

Thu Jan 18, 02:14:00 pm GMT+8  
Anonymous John F SeaDemon said...

Hmm...holy cow. 1985 I was pursuing my tertiary studies in England. Sheila used to come to my house as her elder sister and my elder sister were classmates at the MGS. The sister would play the piano and Sheila would sing.

Anyway, why brand entertainment? What are P Ramlee movies? How do you label them? Urban? Kampung? His movies attract viewers across the board, and mind you, bagged several awards at the Asia-Pacific Film Festival.

I listen to all kinds of music: hip-hop, heavy metal, punk, jazz, R&B, soul, classical, and traditional music. I love the keroncong, as well as Thai's Look Thoong (and of course their modern music too). I also play the serunai and kesi: the instruments the Wayang Kulit use.

Entertainment, to me, is universal. But of course, as malays, we love putting labels: lagu ni kampung, lagu ni tak standard, lagu ni ada kelas..because, if you notice, for the malays especially, you are one up if you can identify other people's weaknesses. So by identifying yourself with certain labels will determine your class.

600 years and we have not changed..

Eh, macam posting kat blog sendiri pulak :D

Fri Jan 19, 04:50:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

Amir - lets create another label - 'urbanpung' - hehe. Who's cassette that u buy? If u still have it must be a real 'treasure' for you.;-)

JFS: hehehe.. I dont mind if u cut n paste this one to yr blog hehehee kiddin'.. Hmm.. england.. thats where my cousin and her met...

Fri Jan 19, 01:53:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger N|i|N said...

Waa...1985...I was into Sheila and ehem...Dato Shake!! Wargghhahaha!!! I was so in love with him until at one point I think my mom got so geli and said something like, "Die tu bukannye bujang lagii...". Ek elehh...sapa plak nak kawin dgn dia kan? Back in boarding school when Sheila's Warna album came out, bought one and borrowed a friend's radio to listen. Bateri pulak weak but played the cassette anyway. Could barely hear her but jadi la, asal dapat dengar heheeh!

Err...on our entertainment industry, I hate it how the term "artis" is so loosely used. Baru keluar AF for example, dah consider themselves as "artis", making statements like "sejak bergelar artis ni..." Wekk! What an insult to the genuine artists.

Sekian terima kasih.

Fri Jan 26, 10:40:00 pm GMT+8  

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