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May 16, 2008


Sorry guys,

Been quite busy..juggling with my my bread and butter work and also the play. The show is next Monday, on the 19th, wish us luck. My social and professional life nowadays has been eating up my sleepin' time....

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Blogger muadzlife said...

good luck sis!!

wei jgn lupa tarok gambar naa

Fri May 16, 06:32:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger Neeza Shahril said...

takpe Normi.. the results will be worth it.. Insyaallah..

take care ye..

jumpa lagi in a week time.. hehehe

Sat May 17, 11:39:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger Lily.Lulu. said...

gud luck akak !!!

Sat May 17, 06:08:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger coolingstar9 said...

Life sometimes is quite busy like what you say.
Your work take away your sleeping time.
Hope you can have sufficicent rest also besides work, work, work.
Have a nice weekend.
From: coolingstar9

Sun May 18, 08:45:00 am GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good luck neoooooooooo, i know you'll be excellent!!! ;)

Mon May 19, 01:55:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger waliz said...

goooood luuuuck neo....i know u can do it!

Mon May 19, 03:06:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger Faisal Admar said...

good luck :) hope everything goes well.

when you're back. do the tagging :P

Tue May 20, 01:10:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

Guyssss i am backkkk.....

eylla: tenkiuk!,,gambar2 otw...tunggu cameraman post heheeee

neez: yes twas worth it!!! see ya ;-)

lily: thank youuu..wa penat gilers

coolin': yeah! this linda 'special project' is worth not sleeping heheee

Azra: twas indeed an excellent result due to ur teamwork..thanks

waliz: we did it! tqvm!

faizal: i'm back to d www..everything went well..altho theres a bit if panic stricken heheh..tagging eh hehe ;-)

Tue May 20, 07:56:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger Jie said...

moga dipermudahkan segala

Wed May 21, 08:49:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

thnks jie, segala urusan went well.habih keje pengsan satu hari semalam qada tido heheh

Wed May 21, 09:26:00 am GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

kak.gee .. eddy ni

Wed May 21, 04:58:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger bluecrystaldude said...

What play was it? hehe.. Sorry for the late comment. I somehow missed out this post. Anyway, I hope you're back in blogging ASAP! hehe.. Oh, and gud luck to whatever things happen in your life too :D

Thu May 22, 11:03:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

eddy: gotcha ;-)

bcd: no worries, i'm back..enjoy the picts...thanks..heheheee..u too

Thu May 22, 10:49:00 pm GMT+8  

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