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April 07, 2008

New status message



Blogger muadzlife said...

errmm..where u go ar?

Mon Apr 07, 02:22:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger muadzlife said...

take care :)

Mon Apr 07, 02:22:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger Neeza Shahril said...

I hope you're okay. take care and be back soon... gonna miss your blabs ;)

Mon Apr 07, 04:16:00 pm GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

neo,make sure you come back eh....and hope things are a ok!


Mon Apr 07, 10:10:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger Jie said...


jaga diri erk..

kalo g jejalan

bawa blk jajan..

Thu Apr 10, 05:48:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger Lily.Lulu. said...

selamat kak !!

Thu Apr 10, 10:54:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger coolingstar9 said...

Hope you back soon, have a nice day.

Fri Apr 11, 08:37:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

eylla: didnt go anywhere lah hehe, right heeya waitin 4ya ;-)

neeza: dear, i'm 'back' in one piece hehe *hugs*

Smurfet: will always be back for you ;-)...mmmwah i hafta catchup with yr entries...

K.G - takderk jalan mana pong...jajan tetiap hari kunyah hehe

Lily - Alhamdullilah masih selamat..blom lagi p william tuh..ish

Coolin': Hey! thanx for droppin by, yeah all of me is back hehe..will checkout yr blogs soonest possible..HIFIVE!

Sat Apr 12, 01:55:00 am GMT+8  

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