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December 22, 2007

Sick time ;-)

Not really celebrating Raya Haji. the day before had massive headache, snezzin'. coughing, two days earlier my throat 'swelled' i cant even swallow my food. The Raya eve i cant really sleep due to that andddd also the sound of the two cows near the surau..haiyaaa...

Took the actifast ( atlast - other half was trying to tell me to have that since i had this problem- tapi gua degil - always prefer the natural healing process - and i hate drugs hehe - tapi gua rasa gua tarak anitbodi dah hehe) well..i have not been getting cold or flu i think for about 4 years already [ i think i got this after i swallowed too much clorin at the swimming pool at my parents place - picts yet to b 'delivered' by eylla - brought the kids to have fun while the moms borak, she has 3, i have 3 , anotha friend Nik have 3 ]....

Ok..after taking the actifast - sure tido one. Me aaa... if take drugs or coffee i'll b definitely 'drugged' and go toink. hehe..terbalik. and so the Raya day i got up at 1030hrs... and i thot the cows have gone already...aiyaaa...still there just about to b slaughtered..duh... I cannot hear the soundlarrr!..

ok..then off the bed...had milo with the kids...then poof to my parents place...brunch sleep teatime sleep dinner watch tv then back home... cuz came gave some meat ( wanted to make steak konon2nyer but dono how to do..muahahaha - got any special recipe anyone? - or i just settle for daging masak kicap je)

Now still got infected by me..but not that serious - they recover fast

Now wheres my favourite ni jiom pei pa ko..



Anonymous Anonymous said...

girl, u should try actifed.....damn good for cold and stuffed nose, but toink tak ingat ok.....:D

Sat Dec 22, 06:34:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

the toink tu yg tak besh tu..its okay darling m ok now... self healing process hehe

Sun Dec 23, 03:34:00 pm GMT+8  

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