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December 19, 2007

Things i tried...tagged

Tagged by NiN..well err...

  1. The make-up artist -- my mother was in a direct selling business during my teen years..and so she always brought me to this meeting of theirs - on how to take care of your skin and how to make up etcetera.. i even sold lipstics at school! so i started experimenting those colourful stuff on people face instead of mine and almost made them look like a clown ahahaahaa...i was a tomboy..err ..wannabe i think...and literally, with the makeups i made my eyes looked like being punched hehe...well..i do now use makeup but not all the time - occasionally, basics are lipstics, blusher and eyeliner..
  2. The out-going person -- I am an outgoing person and always be hehe..had a wonderful teenage years and early twenties years..i always know my limits though.Even when i got married, me and other half was still enjoying life..untill we got the first baby after four years of marriage then everything was slow, Now, I play pool every weekends
  3. The corporate woman -- Never thought to be in d corporate world i just like to sell and market my own stuff..less headache
  4. The trendy fashionista -- nope not me...tshirt/shirt and jeans are the ever trendy for me. I'll dress up formally according to occasions. thats it
  5. The desperate housewife --huhuuuu tell me about it... thats y lah go pool every weekends..need a life on my own mannnn.
DONE... difficult tag..



Blogger A Z R A said...

well u've said it, lets play mekap mekap, you want? hahahahahaha....i cant even do eyeliners, how?

Thu Dec 20, 01:55:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

smurfet: just take a 2b pencil and draw ahahaha

Fri Dec 21, 03:02:00 am GMT+8  

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