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December 25, 2007


Last weekend, twas suppose to b my normal pool day but my hubby have a party to attend,,, so okaylah..he needs to party..always work work while m quite bored at home while the kids layan the cartoons, i browsed thru many youtubes.. Initially i wanted to see if there any live and loud concerts where i can actually yknow enjoy at the very least since i cannot gotlah some ppl took it from their handphones and digital cameras..but like crap one... cant barely even see the face..oh well... at least i can see a bit what went on.. got some clear capture of Gwen Stefani's in KL...oookaylah. then I started to browse of some International concerts WHICH i did not go...hey..the last i went was debbie gibson18 years ago aa and david copperfield's...other concerts are..shiela majid sheila majid sheila majid..and oh yeah the mini concert of Brian Mcknight 7 years ago. And i was wondering why i didnt go to Michael Jackson's 1996..i got no kids that time. M not a fan of MJ..but when he and crews perform..its very entertaining and mesmerizing..and so i browse thru his concert clips frm ntv7 ..nice....
then next shiela majid's...all songs very the dihambat memori one..they even have her HMI concerts that i attended at RTM...twwwenty years ago ..siap ada the rtm digital boxy yellow logo..hehe..then macam macam lagilah gua browse..after this want to browse ghost stories pulak heheheeeeeee



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mundae, i just want to ask you ,do you used to tape any music videos from ntv7 back in the year 1998-2000?if you got,can you upload the ntv7 music videos for me to enjoy?thank you,Mundae(from Sharena)

Mon Apr 21, 04:03:00 pm GMT+8  

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